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GlacialTech Inc.

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LED Panel Light / GL-PL0606-V2 Series

LED Surface Mounted Panel Light / GL-PL24-SM

Bay Light Heatsink Range for High Power LEDs from 100W to 250W – Igloo SR Series

LED Bay Light / GL-BL60 Series

Square Cold Forged Heatsink for 60W LED applications - Igloo FS127

LED Bay Light / GL-BL30 Series

GP-DP004N-16V (200mA DALI Power Supply)

LED Down Light / GL-DL10-SM Series

Cold Forging Thermal Module : Igloo FR210 / Igloo FR210HP

2-in-1 LED Driver with Adjustable Current and Voltage – GP-LC7028-Q5D

Wall Mount LED Adapters to 9W – GP-LC Series

PIR Sensor / GL-PIR 10C

GL-FL120 Brace Accessory

LED Flood Light / GL-FD12 Series

LED Bulbs / GL-AR111-V2AD-9 Series

LED Panel Light / GL-PL0606AD Series

LED Panel Light / GL-PL0312D Series

LED Panel Light / GL-PL0303D Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL08LD-SM Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL06LD-SM Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL08D-SM Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL06D-SM Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL08LD-IP Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL08D-IP Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL06D-IP Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL08D Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL06D Series

LED Bay Light / GL-BL50 Series

LED Flood Light / FL120 Series

LED Flood Light / GL-FL12S Series

LED Flood Light / GL-FL12 Series

LED Surface Mount Light / GL-DL06-SM Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL08-IP Series

AR111 Square Gimbal Housing Kit

GL-DA02 (DALI Interface Converter With PWM and DC Output)

LED Surface Mount Light / GL-DL08-SM Series

Outdoor Stake Light Bracket for use with GL-FL12、GL-FL30-V2、GL-FL60

GP-RS35P Series (9V DC to 57V DC) CC+CV Operation with PFC function for 3 in 1 Dimming

GP-RS26P Series (9V DC to 57V DC) CC+CV Operation with PFC function for 3 in 1 Dimming

LED Flood Light / GL-FL180 Series

GP-RS60P Series (12V DC to 57V DC) CC+CV Operation with PFC function for 3 in 1

GP-RS45P Series (12V DC to 57V DC) CC+CV Operation with PFC function for 3 in 1

DL06-IP Ceiling Down Light Cover Accessory

GP-LP060P Series CC+CV Operation with PFC function+4-Step Dimming

LED Wall-mounted Light / GL-WL1012S Series

LED Wall-mounted Light / GL-WL1012 Series

GP-LD15-24C (11 -15V DC / 22-30V DC)

GP-LD10-30C Series(11 -15V DC / 22-30V DC)

LED Down Light / GL-DL06LD-IP Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL08LD Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL06LD Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL04LD Series

GP-LE060N Series(Constant Voltage Operation without PFC function)

GP-LE036N Series(Constant Voltage Operation without PFC function)

LED Driver-LP-060P Series (Constant Voltage Dimming)

LED Down Light / GL-DL06IP Series

LED Flood Light / GL-FD30-V2 Series

LED Troffer Light / GL-TL0606 Series

LED Flood Light / GL-FL30S-V2 Series

LED Bulbs / GL-AR111-V2AD-12 Series

LED Bulbs / GL-AR111-V2-12 Series

LED Driver - GP-HS15P 3 In 1 Dimming

LED Flood Light / GL-FL60 Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL04D Series

LED Panel Light / GL-PL0312 Series

LED Flood Light / GL-FL30-V2 Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL10 Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL04 Series

LED Bay Light / GL-BL220 Series

LED Bulbs / GL-AR111-V2-9 Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL06 Series

LED Panel Light / GL-PL0306

LED Panel Light / GL-PL0303

LED Panel Light / GL-PL0606

LED Bay Light / GL-BL110 Series

LED Down Light / GL-DL08 Series

LED Bulbs / GL-AR111

LED Bulbs / GL-BR40 Dimming

LED Bulbs / GL-BR30 Dimming

DC-DC LED Driver

LED Driver-Dimming Type

LED Driver-LS10P/35P Series

LED Driver -LC / LV Series

LED Bulbs / GL-BR40 Series

LED Bulbs / GL-BR30 Series