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LED Insect Trap(ST-L009-UV)


Output wattage: 9W
Input Voltage : 110V or 230V
Wavelength: 390 nm
Dimensions: 360 mm(r), L:650 mm

LED UV lamp, non-general tungsten lamp, low power consumption, long life & good stability.

Stainless lampshade, no worry its becoming brittleness and getting much weaker as long time sun exposure. Both environmental protection and practical.

The dominant wavelength is 390 nm and the wavelength range is 380 nm to 430 nm - most effective for phototropic insects

The use of a funnel-type insect catcher prevents insect from escaping again.

It is recommended to use the lamps at farms, orchards, vegetable gardens and the other places with many pests.

Per Pack: LED UV lamp x 2 pcs, Insect catcher x 1 set, Insect net x 1pc

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