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LED Mosquito Repellent Lamp (ST-L011-RY1 / ST-L024-RY1)


Output wattage: 11W / 24W
Input voltage: 100V ~ 240V

Not harmful to human body, both environmental protection and practicality.

Easy installation: Can be used on any E27 or the other lamp socket, easy for direct replacement.

Low power consumption: About 32.1 degrees / year(8Hrs / day)

Best places installed the lamps: Home entrance, garage entrance, doorway, stairs in the apartment & building or patio, blocking the mosquito flying into the room.

No pollution. No infrared. UV free. Low temperature. Mercury free.

High efficiency: Life more than 25K hours.

Do not connect to the dimmer! For best performance, please do not use the mosquito repellent lamp together with the other light sources.

Origin: Taiwan / Patent No: M534523

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