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Spectrum Genius APP


Spectrum Genius Mobile (SGM) / Spectrum Genius Essence (SGE)
Spectrum Genius Mobile and Spectrum Genius Essence provide you the friendly UI and rich information critical to everyone concerns about light and photometry.You can measure and get: Spectrum, CCT, CRI, R1~R15, CQS, Illuminance (lx), Foot Candle (fc), λp, λD, CIEx , CIEy, CIEu’, CIEv’, Purity, C78.377-2008, IEC-SDCM, Duv, Sp ratio, and so on. (More information, see the spec.)

Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting (SGAL)
Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting (SGAL) is a professional app for checking growth lamps and horticultural lighting, it allows user checking the grow light distribution at each wavelengths; its unique “PAR Action Spectrum Benchmark” can help user to analyze the target growth light source more effective.With the worldwide first smart spectrometer, Lighting Passport, SGAL will provide several unique convenience features for users, they can directly check the measurement spectrum and active radiation spectrum to analyze the effectiveness of the target growth light source with the two spectral comparison; “Weighted Spectrum”, it will helps users choose more efficient growth light, help the plants grow healthier.

Spectrum Genius Transmittance
Spectrum Genius Transmittance provides you friendly UI and rich information critical to everyone check the transmittance of object. You can get the Original Spectrum, Reduction Spectrum, Average Transmittance, Assigned Transmittance, and Assigned Rejection by a quick measurement.

Spectrum Genius Studio (SGS / SGS ipad)
Spectrum Genius Studio follows the standards of Television Consistency Index (TLCI) set up by European Broadcasting Union (EBU), when worked together with Lighting Passport, SGS allows professionals like producers, colorists, gaffers, and technicians to get full and detailed information about the TLCI of a specific light source or the entire set up. In a single touch of finger, all the reading and information will be displayed on your smart device immediately. You can easily store and save the measurement results, or share them with your colleagues or clients instantly. You may also set the data of your preferable Fresnel or Flood Light as the reference – Television Lighting Matching Factor.

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