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Lighting Passport GateKeeper


Lighting Passport GateKeeper is a powerful spectrometer designed for quality control and batch testing in lighting production line. It allows people a simple and easy way of getting Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Yield Rate Analysis, and fast-and-detailed Inspection Report.

Lighting Passport GateKeeper has the industrial level of structure and durability, and a wider illuminance measurement range for different measurement requirements
(20 lux ~ 200,000 lux).

With Spectrum Genius GateKeeper, it will be the best manufacturing reporter and quality analyzer in your production line. By customizing your own filters, the software helps analyze large amounts of test results per the preset filter conditions. It easily turns it up a notch for your enterprise to excel in the intense and competitive markets.

IP Code: IP54
8 nm Optical Resolution (output @ 1nm)
Accuracy: CCT: 2%
Illuminance Range Measurable: 20~200,000 lux
Repeatability: x, y: < 0.001

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