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LIDlight INC. id:A1856


Varied-angle project light


This series is professional illuminators designed with LIDlightˇ¦s Continous Variable Angle Technology (CVA Tech),providing highly efficient intensity and uniform distribution from 10˘X ~ 120˘X FOV via adjustable beam angle. The series offers multiple options for outdoor and long-distance in many applications such as traffic LPR/ANPR, airports, parking lots
and many more.

This series delivers accurate image quality with special beam pattern designs such as circular (-1040), elliptical (-2040/4080) and rectangular (-90120), providing high intensity and uniformity without hot spots or overexposure issues. The
radiant power of the LEDˇ¦s are effectively projected on to the
scenario area. All ranges of variable angles can maintain
highly efficient functionality while also conserving energy.

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