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LED ROAD LIGHT, high-post lamp, projection lamp


Product features
The modular design can exhibit over 100 lm/W of light-emission efficiency.
for super long life
Super heat-transfer performance
the dust and water resistance also meets the IP67 standards.
Road lamp, factory lamp, high-post lamp, projection lamp and stadium lamp, etc.
Product Features
Transient Heavy Current Resistance The LED is not welded with gold wire, thus it can resist gold wire breaking or scaling due to transient heavy current as to damage the light source.
Super Heat-transfer Performance The chip flipping and eutectic technology that is employed enables the heat source to bond with the base plate securely to quickly and effectively transfer the heat and minimize damage to the chips.
Effective Reduction of Luminous Decay It does not use any gel-based materials such as flux or epoxy to avoid oxidization or luminous decay problems.
Faster Heat-balance Rate Compared to existing products, its heat-balance time can be shortened by 25 minutes.
Suitable for Cold and Tropical Areas When used in cold areas, the LED will not be affected by the cold/heat expansion effect.
Diversified Power Options Diversified complete range of specifications, available in 60W~300W diversified light source design.
Variable Module Design Variable and compact module design, suitable for use with various types of lamp shade outlines.

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