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Rainbow Light Luminous Flux Integrating Sphere System


The optical precision LED detector made through the use of Luminous Flux Integrating Sphere System and Micro-electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology is able to provide a complete spectrum diagram, color temperature, color rendering, color coordinates, luminous flux volume and various relevant numerical measurements.
Composing of a micro-spectrometer, integrating sphere, I/O control module and proprietary software, it is able to avoid inaccurate luminous decaying phenomenon when the light source has been switched on for too long. This can be done through only switching on the light source while performing software measurement with the help of I/O control module. The I/O control modules can also be customized to control various devices, such as different AV/DC power supplies, push buttons, switches, infrared sensors, etc. though the USB port.
Rainbow Light has originally introduced the smallest Luminous Flux Integrating Sphere System to favor real-time measuring of absolute luminous flux parameters. It is currently regarded as the best absolute luminous flux measurement project on the market.

2014 Taitronics Technology Innovation Awards - The Quality Award

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