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Rainbow Light Ultra-Violet/Visible/Infrared Micro-Spectrometer


Ultra-Violet/Visible/Infrared Micro-Spectrometer, is commonly used in liquid chromatography detection; it is used to measure and record the light absorption variation of the liquid flow of samples before doing quantitative and qualitative analysis of the measured samples. It is used in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology, chemical engineering, drug examination, genetic engineering, food engineering and agriculture, etc.
Micro-spectrometer is the core of it which has competitive advantages of ultra-small size, low-cost, and high resolution and providing our customer a best solution with spectrometer application.

Biochemistry and medicine: In testing protein, DNA and RNA gel electrophoresis analysis.
Pharmaceutical industry: Examine medicine such as hormone or vitamin that generates phosphor. It is applicable for thin layer chromatography, paper chromatography, etc¡K
Chemical engineering and dying: Verifying different kinds of phosphor material, performance indicator, and additions according to different categories of petroleum and rubber goods.
Textile industry: verifying cotton, synthetic fiber, silk synthetic fiber, wool, etc¡K
Food industry: Verifying aflatoxin, food addition, and quality of grain, vegetable, fruit, cocoa butter, sugar, egg, etc¡K
Applicable in forensic science.

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