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Rainbow Light Full Spectrum Transmittance Measuring Equipment


Rainbow-Light Technology Co., Ltd. developed and research Full Spectrum Transmittance Measuring Equipment, and we also create our own brand V Rainbow-Light V and sell on our own. It is produced by using MEMS technology and micro-spectrometer at the core.
Full Spectrum Transmittance Measuring Equipment can be applied to many different business fields. Measurement lists: LED diffusion plate transmittance, lens transmittance, glass transmittance, heat-insulation paper transmittance, and every kinds of coating transmittance.
2011 Taipei Intermational Invention Show & Technomart - Silver Medal

Quick, easy, and accurate measurement
Spectral deviation is within plus or minus 0.1 nm
Data repeatability is four ten thousandths
Full visible spectrum (380 V 780 nm) testing result
Test items V UV, VIS, and avg VIS transmittance V three functions
Clear report output, easy data saving
Haze measure according to standard ASTM D1003
Full spectrum transmittance according to ASTM D1003
Transmittance according to ASTM E275-93

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