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Rainbow Light Technology Co., Ltd. id:A1447


Rainbow Light LED Testing & Measuring Equipment


Rainbow-Light uses the latest MEMS technology to make the Micro-Spectrometer and applies to LED Testing & Measurement Equipment which has a pretty mature and complete software and hardware, not only providing users to do LED standardized testing, but also satisfying the market demand and having the segmentation on LED quality. Producers and consumers can get better quality control on LED.

System calibration and lumen calibration function available.
-Easy DIY calibration and lots of calibration fee saved.
-Calibrate with designated testing equipment so the test result can be the same.
Can be applied to different accessories.
-Pair with integrating sphere and optical fiber.
Provide professional software.
-Clear and straightforward test result.
Basic light decay monitoring function available.
-Light decay is the time required for LED light output to achieve stability.
Inspection function.
-Users can set up deviation by themselves.

Power supply
Spectrometer holder and tripod
USB connector
Optic fiber cable
Integrating sphere

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