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CX-18: Moving Light Console


1. Controls 18 moving lights, 18 strobes, 18 fog machines and 144 channels.
2. 18 BANKs hotkey can recall any BANK; each BANK has 18 groups of SHOW.
18 SHOWs hotkey can recall any SHOW; each SHOW can be editing 32 steps.
3. Moving light and traditional dimmer cue are setting individual to be show and scene; Show and scene can be choice random playback them unaided and go with the same time.
4. User can set X, Y and DIMMER channel of the fixture to the joystick and faders on the console.
5. When SHOW is editing, each step can choose four build-in modes, straight line mode(Y), lateral line mode(X), oblique line mode(X,Y), and clockwise & anticlockwise circle mode(X, Y, O). Each step can set SIZE and SPEED.
6. Joystick¡¦s recover function is used to control PAN/TILT moving speed: at the central place, the speed is 0; the bigger angel it poses the faster moving speed will be.
7. One fixture can be isolated from the SHOW mode to work as joystick to control follow spot.
8. SD memory card can download the program to the PLAYER. It can directly recall the preset SHOW or recall it periodically.
9. STEP can change with the music synchronization or directly controlled by MIDI.
10. Audio control: built-in microphone or external control signal input.

Power: AC 90-240V
Protocol: DMX-512
Dimension: 790 (W)*63(H)*265(D)mm
Weight: 6Kg

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