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DX-1228: 12CH 20A Modular Dimmer Pack


1.Large dimension for better heat dissipation.
2.Equipped with SIEMENS MCB to ensure the highest quality and serviceability.
3.Detailed LCD display.
4.DMX patch function for each channel.
5.Larger choke to reduce electromagnetic interference.
6.Direct (By Pass) mode for testing.
7.10 set dimming curves.

1. Automatic frequency sensor can detect power frequency (45Hz-63Hz) in different areas to stabilize the dimming output.
2. Modular design for easy maintenance and software upgrade.
3. Intelligent thermo-controlled system:
--When the internal temperature over 37J, the thermo-controlled fan will be activated automatically intermittently.
--When the internal temperature over 50J, the thermo-controlled fan will be ran at full speed.
--When the internal temperature over 75J, it will stop the output automatically to protect the system.
--4 set thermo-controlled fans to disperse heat and reduce dust accumulation.
4. Output of each channel can be limited to protect the load.
5. Each channel can set DMX address via LCD display.
6. SSR: SR-40R with TUV certificate, 40A/ 600V.
7. DMX-512 and analog input.
8. Signal input indicator.
9. Self- testing function to test without a console.
10. Warm-up setting: Each channel can set warm-up value from 0% to 6% to protect lamps.
11. Options of dimming or switch for each channel.
12. Able to set fade in/ fade out time of scene.

Power:AC 90 -240V, 3r4w, 45-63Hz
Protocol: DMX-512/ RS-485 (EDX)
Capacity: 12CH, 20A per channel, total 240A
Analog Signal Input:DC 1-10V (D-TYPE: 15 PIN)
Signal connector:XLR 5PIN/ 6P4C RJ11
Installation:194U standard rack
Dimension :482(W)*176(H)*410(D)mm

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