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EPX-810/ EPX-430/ EPX-420/ EPX-410/ EPX-210: DIN-Rail Switch Pack


EPX is a series of 2/4/8 channel DIN-Rail switch packs. The capacity of each channel is 30A/ 20A/ 10A respectively. The protocol of EPX series is standard DMX-512. The switch-on point (DMX signal input value) can be manually set from 10% to 60%. When multi-channels are turned on together, EPX series can manually set the delay time among each channel being switched on to avoid inrush current.

Features: 1. 20 schedulers can be set by controlling software or on the panel.
2. 2/4/8 channels, each channel can be set as ON/OFF/AUTO individually.
3. Adjustable switch-on point (DMX 10% to 60%).
4. Self-sustaining relay (EPX-430 only).
5. Maximum 99 zones.
6. Connectable to ECP control panel, each one can work independently or synchronously.

Specifications: Power:AC 90-240V
Protocol: RS-485 (EDX)/ DMX-512
EPX-810: 8CH, 10A per channel, total: 80A
EPX-410: 4CH, 10A per channel, total: 40A
EPX-420: 4CH, 20A per channel, total: 80A
EPX-430: 4CH, 30A per channel, total: 120A
EPX-210: 2CH, 10A per channel, total: 20A
Signal Connector: 4 PIN green terminal
Mounting: Mounts on 35mm DIN-Rail
EPX-810: 490g
EPX-430/ 420/410: 480g
EPX-210: 440g

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