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EDX-607: All-in-one Lighting Controller


1. Elegant Light
EDX-607 is an elegant control panel to go well with any interior design, bringing professional lighting effect into your home.
2. Integrated Design
An integrated dimmer weighs only 860 g in a compact size and is easy to install.
3. Energy Saving
Energy consumption can be controlled easily by dimming function and preset event scheduler.
4. Event Scheduler
The built-in timer of EDX-607 can turn on/ off each lamp automatically at a preset time. For example, you can set a timer to switch off the unnecessary lamps at 22:00 and keep the night light on to save a lot of energy and electricity consumption.
5. Durability by Large Heat Sink.
The cross-cutting heat sink provides more exposure towards air and speed up the heat dissipation.
6. Up to 12 scenes: 12 scenes make your lighting effect more versatile.
7. Up to 12 channel controllable: Besides 6 direct outputs, EDX-607 can send DMX signal to control additional 6 channels.
8. Reliable Self-Protection Function
Current detection- When the total current over 25A, EDX-607 will stop output; when the total current over 20A, EDX-607 will limit the output till the total current lower than 16A.
Temperature detection- When temperature over 75J, EDX-607 will automatically decrease output; over 80J, it will stop output; over 71J, it will restart output.
9. IR Remote Control:IR remote controller can recall 6 scenes, adjust dimming level and edit scenes directly.
10.Fine Dimming Effect: EDX-607 can present 0-100% dimming level accurately by its default dimming curve. The dimming curve is adjustable.
11. Each channel can be set dimming or switch mode.
If any channel is set in switch mode, it will be turned 100% on immediately when the input is over 51% and turned off immediately when the input is less than 20%. This function can be used in non-dimmable fixtures to protect the fixtures and avoid blinking.
12. Computerized Central Control
Can be controlled and monitored by PC through Lite-Puters DP-E series Ethernet interfaces and software.
13. Fade in/ fade out time setting enables smooth lighting change.
14. Partition control

Power:AC 90 -240V, 45-63Hz
Protocol: RS-485 (EDX)/ DMX-512
Capacity: 6CH, 4A per channel, total 8A(24/7); 12A (4 hours/ day)
Signal connector:4PIN green terminal
Dimension :212(W) x118(H) x60(D)mm
Weight: 860g

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