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LD-1025: LED dimmable driver


Most LED dimmers are subject to flicker when output level is under 10%. Therefore, the dimmable inputs of most LED dimmers are 1 V 10V DC rather than 0 V 10V DC, or LEDs will be flickering when dimmable input is under 1V (10%). Lite-Puter has developed a new LED dimmable driver V LD-1025 to solve this problem. LD-1025 is a constant voltage LED dimmable driver with adjustable voltage output from 9V to 30V and with current limit functionality from 100mA to 2000mA , making it suitable for most LED applications. Controlling by an external 0 V 10 V analog signal, LD-1025s PWM control is the key of its precise dimming output. The most distinct advantage is that the output to LEDs is filtered as DC, which ensures no flickering even at the lowest dimming level. No matter what kind of applications, LD-1025 is one of the most professional and versatile LED dimmer

1. High flexibility by adjustable DC output (9V - 30V).
2. Precise 0 - 100% dimming effect, no flickering even in the lowest dimming level.
3. Current limit adjustable (100mA V 2000mA).
4. True 0 V 100% dimmable.

Power:AC 90-240V, 45-63Hz
Protocol: Analog (0-10V)
Output:MAX 2.0A; DC 9-30V
Dimension:192 (W)* 86(H)* 44(D)mm

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