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Blox Block LED Desk Lamp


Xlites¡¦ BLOX desk lamp series is comprised of several blocks of different shapes and sizes as the lamp post, base, and housing. The patented blocks can be added or taken out to form different heights and angles creating a fun and playful desk lamp that is versatile. BLOX desk lamp's LED technology was designed with the concepts of ¡§practicality¡¨ and ¡§energy-efficiency¡¨ in mind. In combination with colors and shapes, BLOX desk lamp was born in its own trend-setting style that outshines any other LED desk lamp available on the market today.
Danger! Warning! Intruder Approaching! Remember the time when you last played with Blocks? It was a time in your life when it was care-free. BLOX BLOCK's classic blocks look combines "technology" from the olden days in its shape with the LED technology of the future. It stimulates our senses to an innocent moment in our lives providing limitless vitality.

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