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PLN-30 series CLASS 2 LED power


MEAN WELL has announced the introduction of another new product series for the LED lighting purpose V PLN-30 series V 30W AC/DC enclosed type switching power supply with active PFC function. These limited power sources comply with UL 1310 class 2 that under any situation the output power will less than 100VA or 5A. This will significantly reduce the hazardous condition exposed to the technicians who execute the construction or maintenance of the LED lighting system. The IP64 enclosure design can protect the electronic components against from dust and moisture that makes them can be used at indoor or outdoor locations.

Thanks to the simplified single stage PFC topology, the required high power factor as well as the class C harmonic level for the lighting industry can be achieved economically. Efficiency of PLN-30 series are as high as 86% and hence can operate between -30 ~ +50J by only free air convection inside the fully covered plastic enclosure. Standard functions include short circuit, over load, over voltage, and over temperature protections. Besides, the adjustable output voltage and current level enables the fine tune of the PSU to comply with the requirement of LED characteristics. Typical applications for these new Class 2 power units include small scale moving signs, backlighting, LED-based decorative / architectural lighting, LED stage and theater lighting, and LED electronic displays. Following are the features and main specifications and please visit our website for more detail information:

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