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LP Family ~ Economical LED Power


After launching CLG-60/100/150, PLN-30/60/100, and ELN-30/60 product series, MEAN WELL introduced another new economical product family ~ LPH/LPV/LPC Series ~ for the increasing demands of LED lighting, decorative lighting, and general high dust/moisture applications. With non-PFC design, they are 18/20/35/60W AC/DC enclosed type switching power supplies targeting at economical lighting purposes. To fulfill different demands of system design, we provide both C.V. (constant voltage mode V LPV series) and C.C. (constant current mode V LPC series) models for users to choose from. Besides, the high IP structure can also protect the electronic components against from dust and moisture that makes them can be used at harsh locations.

Using heat-conducted glue and possesses high efficiency up to 86%, LP family can operate between -30 ~ +70J by only free air convection. To protect the unit from sudden high surge from unstable AC line, LP family can withstand 300VAC input surge for 5 seconds. Other standard functions / features include short circuit, over load, and over voltage protections and wires style I/O (16AWG or 18AWG). Typical applications include moving signs and backlighting, LED-based decorative/architectural lighting, LED stage and theater lighting, and LED electronic displays. Following are the features and main specifications and please visit our website for more detail information: LPH-18, LPV-20, LPC-20, LPV-35, LPC-35, LPV-60, LPC-60.

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