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LED Street Light RW-321-S-X


Material:Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy shaping
Lampshade:Borosilicate Hard Glass
Reflector:Aluminum board pressed shaping
Lamp:30W High Power LED
Colors:White, Warm White
Color Temp:White/5500K,Warm White/3500k
Light Output:1350Lm ~1500Lm (45~50Lm/W)
Operating Temp:-40J to 50J (-104XF to 122XF)
Starting Temp:-20J to 50J (-68XF to 122XF)
Beam Angle:30 Degree
Power Consumption:30W
INPUT Voltage:AC100V~240V
Current Consumption:110V/0.27A ~ 220V/0.14A
Dimension:L: 420mm W :230mm H :180mm
IP Rating:IP 65

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