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LED Light - Color Pixel Line


* The LED Color Pixel Line is designed to creat full color, brilliant and elegant linear lighting outlines of a building, stage, restaurant, hotel, sign board, stairway, etc.
* No. of LEDs:
48pcs Nichia LEDs (24 Red, 12 Green, 12 Blue) per 300mm length
6-pixel / 300mm
4-Red, 2-Green, 2- Blue per each pixel.
* Construction:
A string of full color LED pixels mounted on a PCB
A transparent polycarbonate diffuser of 45mm in diameter.
* Power Consumption: 6.5W / 300mm length.
* Power Supply: 110V AC to 240V AC Integral and Auto Ranging (50 ~ 60 Hz)
* Ingress Protection: IP65
* Environmental Temperature Range: -45 degree to 85 degree.
* Control & Singal Interface: By DMX512 controller via standard DMX Protocol.
* Standard models:
Color Pixel Line 30 - 300mm/ Length; 6.5W/ Power Consumption; 0.53A/ Current
Color Pixel Line 90 - 900mm/ Length; 19.3W/ Power Consumption; 1.60A/ Current
Color Pixel Line 244 - 2440mm/ Length; 51.4W/ Power Consumption; 4.24A/ Current

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